8 Reasons why we should avoid using digital music apps

Nowadays learning musical instruments or music in general, has become very accessible through digital resources, but how valuable and effective are these new tools really? Let's look at a few reasons why we shouldn't trust music apps blindly!

8. Do you really know your limits and your strengths?

With digital resources you are always pushed to 'go to the next level', but music is not only about correct notes and playing with no mistakes. In other words, it is not a computer game, it is an art, a philosophy, a state of mind! What is really behind those notes? Can digital apps teach you that? Be careful, if you do a mistake digital apps, most of the times, aren't teaching you the 'why' you do the mistake (limit) or how you can avoid it next time (strength). You need a real music teacher for that!

7. How about the repertoire?

It is so wonderful to play and practice the pieces and songs that you love and like but you actually need to be guided through a carefully designed constructive path. In simple words, you need to know the basics of simple math to progress to algebra.

6. Apps rely on your music-related memory.

The digital app is mostly giving you a choice of a song that you love and a piece that you adore, but can you play something you don't know? In other words, if you keep relying on your ear to guide you towards the 'right' note can you play something you don't know?

5. What about musical knowledge?

Try understanding history starting from the most recent historical events. Our past teaches us the future, many say. It is the same with music. Start playing only modern music without any knowledge whatsoever and you might find yourself a bit lost. Or very limited. Open your minds!

4. What happened to rhythm?

Keep playing the tunes you know and your rhythmic knowledge is out of the window. You have to experiment with rhythm. The same way you experiment with words. Keep repeating the same words and your vocabulary will be teeny-tiny!

3. Any signs of dynamics?

Are digital apps even aware of musical dynamics? What is loud? What is quite? How about all the millions of sound effects you can create in between these or with your voice? Can you reproduce it on your instrument? Is your digital app teaching you how?

2. Harmony.

One word. I don't even think your app is aware of its existence and yet everything is based on harmony. Find a real teacher!

1. Posture.

Your app is too busy looking at showing you wrong notes, no time left for posture!

And yet this is what connects you and your instrument.



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