The Tale of Mrs Creativity during the Lock-Down

The human brain has no limits, they say, and to produce those "happy hormones" we often turn to Mrs Creativity! She comes and goes as she pleases though, and we always have to look for her, but when she does arrive, she makes us feel happy and relaxed.

It is well known that Mrs Creativity is the best friend of the arts. She loves the most MUSIC, and she always says:

"Listen to happy music, and it can make you forget all your troubles and worries. Listen to melancholic music, and you will cry a river. Listen to scary music, and you will feel the chills! Most importantly listen to music."

According to Mrs Creativity, Mrs Anxiety might even get offended that you listen to music and decide to leave you alone! Let us ask Mrs Creativity what will happen if we actually practice music actively every day? Say by playing a musical instrument, sing, compose or even dance!

Mrs Creativity comments: "Well my darlings, you can definitely benefit from a healthy mental diet, but it needs time, like all diets, right? If you experience music actively and regularly, that naughty one, what was his name... Mr Grumpy... Mr Grumpy Anger-son will be definitely on his way and out of the door. And did you know that the so-called "music doctor" or music therapist can help you improve your health in cognitive, motor, emotional, communicative, social, and educational spheres by both practising and listening to music? That is a real treat for the body and mind, right?"

Human answers: "Wow, Mrs Creativity, every time you visit me, I feel like I can climb on the top of Mount Everest! Thanks, and please come to visit more often!"

The end

During the past few weeks of Covid-19 lock-down, people were experiencing a new reality. A reality in which we have to cope with stressful situations, at the same time and under the same roof, with our family doing our daily jobs, studies, households and all by keeping our distance from our loved ones, and our friends. In many cases, the current situation presents us with economic, physical and mental health-related challenges. It is fundamental to find time to just "be" and feel that positive energy that is so often missing from our daily routines.

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