Frequently asked questions

How much do online music lessons cost?

We are currently offering the followings: 30 minutes lesson - £22 45 minutes lesson - £27 1hour lesson - £32 Click here to visit our pricing page.

What is the best age to start learning music?

Everyone can learn music therefore it really depends what your musical interests and goals are.

What is the best app to learn to play the piano?

We do not recomend using digital App to learn any instrument. Read our article on the link below to find out why.

How do I coordinate my time zones with the teacher's time zones?

If you submit your booking request through our website, we will automatically convert it to the teacher's time zone.
If you contact us through email or our contact form, please let us know in which country you currently live, and we will organise the lessons to suit your timings.

Can I book just one lesson?

Of course. You can book a trial lesson at any time/day.

How long is each lesson?

You can choose between: 30-minute lesson recommended for beginners and children under the age of 10 45-minute lessons 1 hour lesson

What equipment do you need to have a lesson with us?

1. Your instrument 2. Computer, tablet or smart phone 3. High-speed internet connection. You can check your internet speed at 4. Video-chat apps such as Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. Our teachers prefer to use Zoom and we are working on setting a new app for our website 5. Good lighting, which produces a better visual experience and gives both, student and teacher clearer views of one another

How do lessons work?

Once you submit your booking request, we will contact you to confirm the teacher's availability. Our teacher will then get in touch and send you the link for the video-lesson. Our teachers are very responsive in their communication and flexible with their schedules, so your lessons will be booked quickly. We offer single Trial Lessons and a Monthly Package of 4 lessons. All lessons have to be paid at least 24 hours in advance before their start.

Do you teach adults?

YES! Our Teachers have extensive experience in teaching at any age and any level.

What is your lesson cancellation policy?

We require a minimum of 24 hours written notice/email; should you wish to terminate or postpone your lessons. Blackheath Music Academy has a commitment to pay the teachers even if you do not attend your scheduled lesson. Therefore, we cannot refund the fees for any missed lessons without a minimum of 24 hours notice. For a lesson with a minimum of 24 hours notice via an email, a make-up lesson would be considered.

Can I try one lesson and see how it goes?

Yes, you can book your Trial Lesson on our What we Teach page

Do you teach on weekends?

Yes, some of our teachers are currently available during weekends. For more informations contact us here

Do you do background checks on teachers?

Yes, national background checks and DBS check are performed for every single teacher. We also check references for each and every teacher before our in-person interview. We work with carefully selected and a small group of teachers in Blackheath Music Academy.

Which instrument a 4 year old can learn?

For 4/5 years old we raccomand singing lessons or playing the recorder, various percussions and piano.

Are all the monthly lessons fixed on the time-slot prepaid or is there an option for flexibles ?

Lessons are completely flexible and you can organise them any time it suits you and your teacher the best.

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