Frequently Asked Questions

At the end of the course, what certificate would I obtain?

Our goals are to prepare our students for the Royal Board of Schools Music Exams or Trinity Exams. That way all of our students can obtain a credited level of certification. More on these types of online exams on the link below.

After completing the courses, do I get university credits?

Yes, if you pass your ABRSM or Trinity Exams you will get university credits and once completed all the levels you can apply for any music conservatoire or university to undertake an undergraduate degree in music.

Do I pay in advance?

Yes, we take the payment for each programme of 5 lessons prior to the course begins. See more on this payment plan HERE.

What materials do I need to begin the course?

You can begin the course having any of the instruments we teach as 1 to 1 lessons, or if you are specialising in recorder/singing you will need only your computer (tablet), a notebook, a manuscript and pencils. All the necessary materials to undertake the different classes are sent via email in advance or could be purchased later on during the course and according to the teachers’ advice.

What about the age and the level of the students in each class?

At the beginning of the programme, we do our best to organise the classes and the participants according to their age, level and interests. However, each class has to have at least five pupils in order to be confirmed. In case, there are not enough participants of the same age and level, we will regroup them with another class and the teacher will aim to keep up with everyone’s individual learning abilities and progress.

Can I enrol for exams through the academy?

Yes, you can. We can enrol our students through online exams websites. Each online exam has a different cost, which is prepaid by the student accordingly. See more on this matter HERE.

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