With this course, students will develop their musicianship knowledge, which gives them greater confidence in the general approach to performing, composing and listening.

A wide range of musical genres is going to be presented and explored by students.

Reading Music

The course is designed and held by the Head of Music Dr Viktoriya Rossini Peneva, who will accompany the pupils in search of their inner musicality and develop their musical knowledge and experience.


Students will learn to read music, improve their sight-reading, musical vocabulary and aural skills. The sessions are fairly small (approximately 10 students per class) and students of similar age and level are grouped together.

The session is an important element in the Junior Academy and it improves all aspects of our students’ musical training. After each session, the teacher provides you with educational and useful materials. Some elements in this course could also draw from Zoltán Kodály’s method.

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